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 Joining Random Gaming

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PostSubject: Joining Random Gaming   Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:50 pm

If you are interested in joining RG follow these steps.


1.You must be vouched by at least THREE members

First make a new topic and have it named 'Your Name' Application(e.g. Chaos's Application).
Answer the questions as good and best as you can.


1.Your Name:

2.Steam Account Name:

3.In-Game Name:



1.How long have you been playing HideNSeek?

2.Why are you interested in joining RG?

3.Will you be a dedicated member?

4.How are you going to help RG get out there?

5.Do you have ventrilo? And a Mic?

6.List the current members that vouched for you.

After Being Approved

1.You must be active in the server/forums.

2.You must wear your tag whenever you are in the server.

3.If you aren't active after 1-2 weeks then you will be warned. Second time your cut.

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Joining Random Gaming
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